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The implementation of an information security management system (ISMS) based on the international ISO 27001 standard or IEC 27001 supports companies in the systematic identification and analysis of risks that arise in the context of using information, through to rolling out and maintaining appropriate monitoring and control mechanisms.


BDO, with its experts can assist you both in the establishment of such an information security management system and in ISO 27001 auditing existing systems.


The content of this support can include:

  • Defining a relevant IT network
  • IT structure analysis of the IT network (analysis of actual status)
  • Analysis and documentation of existing information technology
  • Establishing the protection requirements (starting from the applications)
  • Modelling based on IT baseline protection
  • Mapping the modules of the IT baseline protection manual against the components of the defined IT network
  • Basic security check (target/actual comparison)
  • Additional ISO 27001 risk assessment (high/very high protection requirements)
  • Consolidation and implementation of the actions


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