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    Our specialised teams of cybersecurity experts combine their expertise to help you implement cybersecurity principles and controls and to stay vigilant about “living” the culture that helps ward off attacks.

Professional Advice For Improving Your Cyber-Resilience

Cybersecurity is a fundamental challenge for every organisation.


Whether you're a multinational, in the public sector, a housing association or a medium-sized family or other business. Why? Because no cyber incident is entirely preventable and every organisation is a potential target.


The rapid pace of change in information technology, along with increasingly linked systems and the internet, means IT systems are not always as reliable as you would like. Even if systems do not contain valuable information, ransomware can disable systems and prevent organisations from accessing their own information.


Attackers could then blackmail these organisations. However, although many organisations are more concerned about the direct damage, a cyber incident can cause, long-term effects, such as damage to an organisation’s reputation, can be far more difficult to deal with. The key question, therefore, is how to limit the damage?


Cybersecurity is also essential from a privacy perspective and because of constantly evolving legislation and regulations. Society and your clients, suppliers and employees rely on you to manage their personal data carefully. And you have to accept that responsibility!


Insight Into Your Cybersecurity Risks

BDO can help improve your cybersecurity by carrying out a risk assessment. You need this to determine how to deal with the specific cybersecuirty risks your organisation faces. This analysis involves establishing your organisation's cybersecurity risk profile. That way, you know where you are most vulnerable.


We let you know what you can do to eliminate or reduce your major cybersecurity risks. We can also help you implement any measures required if necessary. During the cybersecurity risk assessment we check how ‘mature’ your organisation is in terms of cyber risks and privacy.


This means checking, for example, whether the subject is on management's agenda, whether you have taken sufficient technical and organisational measures, whether you can recover quickly after an incident and whether your employees understand how their behaviour can affect possible cyber risks.


Download BDO's 2021 Cybersecurity Guidelines


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