If you are setting up an exchange or relocating your payment platform to Malta, BDO can offer legal, financial, and corporate services advice that will make your transition as smooth as possible.


BDO provides professional advice to blockchain-related projects, including setting up of ITOs, structuring which enables efficient trading of DLT assets as well as audit of such performances.


The reality for many individuals and organisations is that having a solid and promising high-tech idea is simply not enough. With the constant stream of legislation building on previous legal frameworks and completely new regulations, it has become very difficult for existing businesses to keep abreast of fintech developments, let alone for start-up companies.


Having the right fintech strategy in place to carefully allocate existing and future resources can make or break your business. Knowledge about finding the right structure and benefitting from the available tax incentives has become crucial for organisations aiming to launch their product.


Having the right people and innovation can be the determining factor for fintech businesses to stay ahead of their competitors. With that being said, this should not counter short-term profitability. We always look forward to hear about what participants in the fintech industry are doing and to exchange ideas. In such a dynamic industry, it is near-impossible to become an expert in everything having do with it.


That is why at BDO, we have taken a very specific approach of working in small, agile teams of professionals who all bring something different to the table. This way, we are able to cater for Fintech companies’needs from every angle.


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