BDO works with international businesses across the Travel & Tourism industry. BDO has a breadth and depth of expertise across this industry segment, and we provide business and risk assurance, tax planning, corporate finance assistance, performance improvement advice and personal wealth management to our clients and have a thorough understanding of the sector. 

We also provide audit services to a range of the clients from small local entities involved in tourism industry to international groups as part of the global BDO audit team.


Going international

More and more groups in the Leisure & Hospitality sector are looking to expand overseas. We can help you to work through the options available to you (joint venture, opening a branch, franchise, acquistion) and to ensure that, when you do make the leap, you would have planned for the most efficient tax structures and would have the necessary knowledge on the ground. With more than 1,100 offices in over 110 countries, we have the local expertise to assist you.