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Have you ever thought about how much time and effort your business is eating up for basic accounting tasks such as repetitive book-keeping and analysing the data? Have you considered other solutions to free up financial and human resources which can then be redeployed to focus on core business operations?


BDO Virtual Accounting Solutions is the ideal tool for your business.

This solution is a unique combination of professional accounting experts and powerful technology which provide excellence in core accounting and financial management.

Using the latest technology by Microsoft and hosted on BDO’s SaaS environment, you can put your mind at rest that your Finance Department can focus on their other priorities.

We understand your challenges and can help you achieve your goals by bringing in the right support at the right time, including: 

1. Outsourcing – fixed operating costs in advance and lower initial outlay, thus minimising your financial risk while enjoying the benefits of having a team of professionals who can work on your accounting needs

2. Technology - using MS Dynamics 365 Business Central, hosted on the cloud will ensure accessibility from anywhere. Using this solution, you can have peace of mind that your data is fully protected and GDPR compliant

3. Support - with dedicated Technology and Accounting Teams, you will be supported by MS certified specialists without requiring technical expertise. It also ensures continuity as knowledge is shared and processes can be improved.


You will have real time access to your data from anywhere thanks to the system being hosted on the cloud with different access methods – web and mobile app.


BDO Malta is an end-to-end professional services and business advisory firm, deeply experienced in assisting local and international companies in accelerating business growth. With the introduction of BDO Virtual Accounting Solutions, we can provide even greater value to ensure your business’ success.


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