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Technology Advisory

Independent Advice

To ensure our independence, we do not sell hardware or software. We don’t see “more computing power”, or “newer equipment and software” as the answer to every question. We take a broader look and consider the business requirements when recommending or implementing solutions. We offer the following services within our technology advisory team: 

  • IT Reviews

As a business grows, IT systems can become unwieldy and difficult to manage. Typically we see applications that were added when the business strategy was different (or absent), after acquisitions or where divisions have grown independently. By conducting such a review, we can provide a holistic view of your IT, highlighting the areas that require attention and making practical recommendations for action. Typically we would start by addressing the three key areas; People, Process and Technology and where required, additional focus will be given to particular areas of concern.

  • IT Application Procurement support

Having the right applications in place to run your business is vital. If you get it wrong the mistakes can be costly. When you require a new solution it is easy to find a list of vendors who will all tell you that they offer the best solution, but are you asking the right questions? We can help you capture the business requirements, run the procurement process evaluate a short list of suppliers and review proposed agreements to ensure your interests are not subsumed in the interests of the supplier.

  • Project Management and Recovery

When embarking on a major IT project such as the implementation of a new finance or ERP system, it is imperative that it is professionally managed. Our project management professionals have many years of experience in delivering projects large and small across the sectors, ensuring that the correct levels of governance and cost controls are in place. If things have gone wrong then we can help put them back on track and explain where improvements can be made.

  • IT Due Diligence

When looking to acquire a new business not only do you need to understand its financial position, you need to have the assurance that the IT can support the business and that it is resilient, reliable, scalable and secure. We have provided IT due diligence across a wide range of business sectors, sometimes identifying issues that can reduce the sale price considerably. Equally, if you are looking to sell your business, we can carry out vendor due diligence on your IT helping to speed up the sale process.


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