Aviation Insights: A Recap & Look Ahead to 2024

Delving into the current state & emerging trends within the aviation sphere.

Let's delve into the current state and emerging trends within the aviation sphere as we will reflect on significant moments from 2023 and look at what lies ahead in the coming months. 


Civil Aviation Policy for Malta

In 2023, Malta unveiled its inaugural aviation policy, a result of a public consultation launched in 2021, outlining strategic objectives for 2023-2030. The policy aims to globally elevate Malta’s aviation sector through sustainability, competitiveness, and resilience, emphasizing socio-economic and environmental factors. Furthermore, a framework of five enduring policy pillars have been instituted, addressing the current industry needs and future growth areas, covering capacity building, economic benefits, stakeholder collaboration, legal and regulatory framework as well as sustainability.

State Plan for Aviation Safety in Malta 

July 2023 saw the publication of the State Plan for Aviation Safety (‘SPAS’) in Malta 2023-2025. This master planning document outlines the strategic approach a State takes to manage aviation safety over a specified period. Aligned with the European Plan for Aviation Safety 2023-2025, the SPAS enhances Malta’s aviation safety framework, addressing identified safety issues and working toward achieving an acceptable level of aviation safety. 

New National Airline in 2024

During the Malta Budget 2024, the Minister of Finance announced the upcoming launch of a new national airline in 2024. The Government is actively engaging in discussions with the European Commission to ensure the project’s long-term sustainability. Recognizing the significant impact on infrastructure and economic growth, the Government has allocated an initial investment of EUR 25 million for the airline’s operational launch on March 31, 2024. 

Air Navigation Act 

Malta has fortified its aviation legal framework with the enactment of the Air Navigation Act, which has become effective as of January 1, 2024. This legislation is centered on overseeing aircraft navigation in Maltese airspace, with a specific emphasis on technical compliance for Maltese registered aircraft. 

The Civil Aviation Directorate at Transport Malta administers this framework, applicable to both Maltese registered and locally operated aircraft, excluding state aircraft. Furthermore, the Act establishes the ‘Aviation Appeals Board’ responsible for adjudicating appeals against decisions by Transport Malta or the Director General. Furthermore, this Act integrates EU Regulation 376/2014, aiming to enhance aviation safety through preventative measures. 

Aircraft Leasing

Presently, the Maltese Government is actively involved in strengthening the financial infrastructure in the upcoming months to foster aircraft leasing. Substantial amendments to relevant legislation are underway, accompanied by the development of a specialised framework aimed at attracting banks that provide these services, thereby ensuring robust support for this initiative. 

Malta’s dedication to nurturing the aviation sector is evident through the implementation of robust legislative frameworks and continuous collaboration with diverse stakeholders. This dedicated approach highlights the nation’s proactive stance in promoting the enduring growth and success of its aviation sector.

Article written by Gregory Mifsud Orlando and Dr. Claudia Borg

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