ESG Risk Management

There are many sustainability issues that have direct implications for companies.

Identifying risks and opportunities related to sustainability means that we are required to analyse the business from a new perspective and consider aspects that are now being considered, such as climate change, the migration phenomenon, social and employment changes, new laws and regulations, lifestyle, and consumption. There are many sustainability issues that have direct implications for companies. 

We can offer the following solutions:
  • Sustainability risk intelligence (identification of risks and opportunities)

  • Development of non-financial information control systems (responding to the growing need for reliability, accuracy and timeliness)

  • Implementation of quality (ISO 9001) and environmental (ISO 14001)

  • Implementation of risk management systems (ISO 31000), security information (ISO 27001) and business continuity (ISO 22301)

  • Gap analysis and guidance on social responsibility (ISO 26000)

  • Reputational risk assessment and management

  • Management and second-party checks on the value chain to mitigate upstream and downstream risks

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