ESG Readiness and Assurance​

Our ESG Readiness & Assurance provides independent assurance over internal control frameworks & disclosed ESG metrics.

Our ESG Readiness and Assurance unit provides services ranging from roadmap development to independent assurance over internal control frameworks and disclosed ESG metrics. You can use our ESG internal audit reviews, covering areas such as strategy, governance, metrics, and targets to develop a strong and robust control environment for non-financial reporting. Finally, you can rely on our expertise and knowledge to identify and address any gaps, as well as prepare for future regulatory requirements. We prioritise aligning your ESG-related activities with the areas and risks that significantly influence your long-term success.

Our ESG readiness and assurance support also includes:
  • Conducting pre-assurance readiness reviews to ensure that you are prepared for the upcoming regulations and standards
  • Providing limited assurance opinion

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