Your Complete Guide to Yacht Registration in Malta

Malta's many yacht registration benefits make it a top destination for yacht owners.

Choosing Malta for your yacht registration brings multitude of benefits that set it apart as a premier destination for yacht owners. 
With an unrivalled position as Europe’s largest yacht registry and the sixth largest ship registry in the world, Malta is deemed as a beacon of excellence in the maritime world. As a proud signatory member of the International Maritime Organization (IMO) and a valued member of the European Union (EU), Malta holds a position of credibility and influence on the global maritime stage. 

Registering your yacht under the Malta flag guarantees not only prestige but also international acclaim, setting your vessel on a course of distinction. 

1. Yacht Construction and Refit 

During the critical stages of construction and refit, BDO Malta can play a pivotal role in safeguarding your interests. We offer expertise in contact drafting, meticulous reviews, and assistance in negotiations, allowing you to embark on your yacht’s transformation with confidence.  

2. Yacht Financing 

Our professionals can assist with the drafting and reviews of loan arrangements, security agreements and all the necessary documentation pivotal to the financing process. Through collaborating with clients, we tailor these agreements to fulfil specific needs while still meeting all legal requirements. 

3. Yacht Purchase and Sale 

BDO Malta has solidified its position as a reliable advisor, offering legal assistance tailored to the transactions of yacht sales and purchases. Our professionals can conduct meticulous due diligence to ensure transparent dealings whilst safeguarding the clients’ interests during negotiations. 

4. Yacht Registration 

We can guide you through the complete yacht registration procedure, whether the yacht is intended for recreational or commercial purposes. Our professionals have extensive knowledge and experience within the industry, this guaranteeing a smooth experience. Our services range from the preparation and submission of the necessary paperwork to acting as the main point of contact and representative with the relevant authorities and any other third parties which may be involved in the process.

5. Resident Agent 

The Maltese framework extends the opportunity for yacht registration to non-EU residents or entity, this being contingent on the requirement of a resident agent, based in Malta, to be appointed. BDO Malta may act as a resident agent and serve as the main point of contact between the international owner and the Maltese Authorities, throughout the whole registration process. This ensures a streamlined process and continuous oversight on the registration process. 

6. Yacht Management and Crew Contracts

BDO Malta can provide the necessary assistance and expertise in yacht management, crew employment and payroll matters for yacht owners.Our services cover a wide variety of areas such as review and/or drafting of crew contract management and yacht management contracts, provision of services relating to tax and labour compliance and the effective management of payroll administration.

7. Yacht Leasing and Chartering 

The Maltese VAT yacht leasing scheme permits the acquisition of a yacht without suffering exorbitant VAT costs on the purchase whilst at the same time not requiring a complex corporate set up. We specialise in expert guidance for VAT treatment of yacht leasing in Malta. You can count on us to streamline the acquisition process, minimise VAT costs, and ensure compliance with the Maltese yacht leasing scheme. Moreover, our expert VAT team may also assist with providing the necessary guidance and support with respect to short-term yacht chartering
How can BDO Malta help?
Partnering with BDO Malta ensures a seamless yachting journey from inception to full sail. Our range of services caters to every facet of your yacht’s lifecycle. As your trusted advisors, we guide yacht owners through the intricacies of the maritime world, ensuring excellence at every turn. 
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