Cyber Security Month 2022


1st October marks the start of Cyber Security Awareness Month, dedicated to raising awareness - internally and externally - of this highly important topic.


In today's world, it is hard to imagine life without our devices, immediate access to your information, imagery retrievable at a moment's notice, and effective management of confidential data for our professional and personal electronic lives.  As we evolve towards an agile workplace and workforce, the cyber threats will only increase.  

This year's central theme of BDO's Cyber Security Month is: DRIVING CYBER RESILIENCE.

Cyber Security Month 2022

Throughout the month of October, several of our firms are organising a variety of webinars, in-person events or must-read content addressing distinct cyber security aspects. The full programme is available below and the webinars are open to anyone with an interest in cybersecurity.  


BDO Webinars


5 October: 'Cybersecurity and Bill C-26: How to comply with confidence' - BDO Canada

To combat increased cybersecurity risks, the Canadian House of Commons has introduced Bill C-26, and Act Respecting Cyber Security (ARCS). Expand your knowledge on Bill C-26 and help secure and safeguard Canadian businesses.

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11 October: 'Cybercrime and impact to the business operations' BDO Czech Republic 

What is happening in the cyber area? What impact does it have one company operations? How to be resilient to cybercrime, if at all possible. Why is cybersecurity the responsibility of management?  What is the role is IT?

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12 October: 'Cybersecurity guide for the board' - BDO USA

Today, it is imperative that the Board has a deep understanding of cybersecurity competencies to get ahead of risks. Building a comprehensive cyber programme is a necessity.  Learn how to effectively mitigate risks, strengthen your cybersecurity posture, and minimise the negative impact on both short- and long-term business goals. 

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19 October: 'Staying secure in the cloud'  - BDO USA

According to the Cloud Security Alliance, 91% of financial service companies are using cloud services or plan to employ them. While the cloud can provide many benefits, it's important to recognise and act on the risks as well.  BDO Digital and BDO Lixar will speak about the top threats that the financial services industry is facing today and how to help mitigate these risks.

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25 October: 'Key strategies in cyber security' - BDO Czech Republic

Major mistakes in the understanding of the key points. What to do to be resilient and mitigate risk?

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26 October:  'How to strengthen your cyber security posture' - BDO USA

As organisations rapidly adopt emerging techno-logies, they inadvertently open new access points to threats.  Security breaches can cause significant impacts incl. loss of revenue, damaged brand reputation and more.  It's not just a tech issue, it's a business issue.  Learn about the widely shared reasons security teams can struggle and how your organisation can help improve its security posture.

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28 October: 'Secure Remote Maintenance' - BDO Germany

A discussion highlighting secure remote maintenance in the context of OT systems. Whilst remote maintenance is critical for OT systems to ensure reliable and secure operation, most OT environments are characterised by a variety of heterogeneous systems based on both modern as well as legacy technologies and protocol stacks. In this webinar, we will show you how to remotely manage such complex environments in a secure, transparent and effective way.  

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