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In the context of a constantly evolving regulatory landscape, BDO Director of Risk Colin Calleja offers valuable insights into the pivotal role BDO Malta plays in supporting Boards of Directors for both listed and non-listed entities. In his latest interview, featured in the Malta Business Review 2023, Colin explores BDO Malta's commitment in being the independent governance partner for all aspects of supervisory boards.

Mr. Calleja addresses the challenges organisations face due to changing EU Directives and local regulations, emphasising BDO's dedication to providing specialised resources aligned with industry best practices. "We become partners to the Board of Directors in ensuring regulatory compliance," notes Mr. Calleja, highlighting how BDO Malta leverages industry experience to guide Boards in adopting sector-specific best practices.

Acknowledging the value of independent expertise, Mr. Calleja emphasises, "Through our engagements, we are proud to have been entrusted by regulated and non-regulated entities alike." BDO Malta's support extends to ensuring Boards have the necessary oversight and assisting organizations in effective risk management.

The article delves into BDO's role in independent assessments covering corporate governance, risk management, regulatory compliance, and emerging fields like ESG and DORA regulations. Mr. Calleja also discusses the trend of appointing non-family members to Boards, driven by the MFSA Corporate Governance Code, where BDO plays a pivotal role.

BDO's commitment to governance excellence encompasses providing expert, ethical, and independent advice to supervisory boards through its Board Support services. The consultancy focuses on optimising supervisory board processes, monitoring structures, and providing tailored solutions.

This article first appeared in the Malta Business Review 2023

At BDO, we understand that, as a member of a supervisory board or manager, you need an expert, ethical and independent adviser who can constructively think alongside you. BDO Board Support is the independent governance partner for all aspects of supervisory boards. One of the focuses of our consultancy is optimising supervisory board processes and monitoring structures. Using our experience, we develop solutions in collaboration with supervisory boards that are tailored to their specific conditions, forward-looking and retain active control.