Swift Customer Security Programme: Our solution

With BDO’s expertise in implementing & assessing Swift security controls, you can count on enhanced security and compliance with the CSP framework.

Our experts are well-versed in the Swift CSP controls and implementation guidelines, on top of their strong financial sector focus. This enables them to understand the complex regulatory landscape and the evolving cyber security threats. Thanks to our broad expertise, experience and proven record of assisting organisations in both the implementation and the assessment of Swift security controls, you can rely on both enhanced security and compliance with the CSP framework.

Why BDO for SWIFT CSP Attestation?

As your trusted partner, BDO will help you achieve your objectives in a pragmatic yet qualitative way. 

  • As Swift Certified Assessors, our assessments are of the highest quality and strive to add value to your organisation instead of just tick-the-box compliance. Our detailed yet straightforward reporting pinpoints what areas you should focus on. 
  • As implementation partners, we focus on the high-risk areas first, making sure your main security gaps are covered. Then, we focus on compliance areas, to ensure an assessment will pass the test. 

Our Methodology 


Tailored Approach

BDO Malta tailors its work to each individual client’s needs, to ensure our solutions add value where you most need it. Ranging from implementing an ISO27k-compliant GRC security program or a third party security management system to providing DORA and NIS2 assessments and implementations – always in a pragmatic way, tailored to your needs. 

Relevant Qualifications 

All our Lead Auditors have proven experience in Swift CSP assessments, IT audits and ISO27K implementations and assessments, and have relevant certifications including the Swift Certified Assessors certification and a combination of CISA, CISM, CISSP, ISO27K Lead Auditor, etc. Furthermore, our low partner-to-staff ratio means high involvement and guidance from partners and experienced staff, and a solid and stable team to perform the assessments.

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