Tax on Immovable Property Transfers & Rental Income

Tax on Immovable Property Transfers & Rental Income


The taxation of transfers of immovable property situated in Malta and the taxation of rental income derived from immovable property are a constant variable. We can assist you in establishing the tax implications that arise on property disposal clearly identifying for you whether the transfer qualifies for the standard 8% property transfer tax, whether a higher rate (10% or 12%) may be due, whether the transfer may qualify for a reduced rate (2%, 5% or 7%) or whether the particular transfer may be taxed on the profit rather than the transfer value.


We have the necessary expertise to guide you to any potential exemptions or tax deferrals on property transfers.


Moreover, we can assist you to identify the best regime option (where applicable) to tax rental income derived from both short term and long term lets and from both commercial and residential leases, all the time keeping you abreast with any changes in legislations and in the options available.


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