Banking Services

BDO Malta has a dedicated department that manages all of its clients' banking requirements.

BDO has a dedicated Banking Services Department who have the necessary knowledge of the current local banking options and are able to provide tailor made advise to clients on efficient banking solutions that would be suited to their current circumstances. BDO Malta can also act as formal introducer with the preferred local bank and our professionals can provide professional assistance with the entire process of opening a bank account as well a bank account management. Our professionals can also provide advice on alternative banking solutions. BDO offers banking services to foreign companies wishing to establish a local presence in Malta as well as individuals residing outside Malta looking to operate a local bank account thus assisting with the establishment of corporate as well as personal bank accounts.


BDO’s Banking Services include the following:

  • Opening of local personal & Corporate Bank accounts
  • Opening of Personal & Corporate Bank accounts in other popular jurisdictions
  • Closing of Bank Accounts
  • Online Banking Solutions for Corporate and Individual clients
  • Effecting Secure Payments on behalf of clients (E-banking, Credit / Debit cards)
  • Banking administration services with banks on behalf of our clients
  • Debit and Credit Cards
  • General Administration and Maintenance of Bank Accounts
  • Liaising with Banks on behalf of clients


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