Corporate & Banking Services


As a result of the ever-changing and expanding legislation applicable within the realm of corporate and banking services, it has become increasingly critical for companies to invest in professional services which are reliable, efficient, and trustworthy.


BDO’s professionals are committed to providing excellent client service by meeting clients’ needs, whilst also ensuring compliance with applicable laws.


Our professionals have the necessary expertise to support clients throughout the various stages of a company’s lifetime. This includes the provision of professional advice prior to the commencement of the incorporation process as well as assistance with the drafting and filing of the documentation with the designated authorities to proceed with the incorporation process. Moreover, our legal professionals are experienced in providing advice on the process of merger, acquisitions, corporate restructuring and the drafting of corporate agreements.


BDO Malta also has a dedicated team of banking professionals, who have the necessary knowledge of the current local banking options and are able to provide tailor made advise to clients on efficient banking solutions that would be suited to their current circumstances. BDO Malta can act as formal introducer with the preferred local bank and our professionals can provide professional assistance with the entire process of opening a bank account as well a bank account management. Our professionals can also provide advice on alternative banking solutions.


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