Principles for Good Governance

The MFSA Corporate Governance Code is articulated around four main principles: The Effective Board, Internal Controls, Stakeholder management & Corporate Culture, CSR and ESG 

The Corporate Governance Code is articulated around four main principles:

  • The Effective Board 
  • Internal Controls 
  • Stakeholder management 
  • Corporate Culture, CSR and ESG 


These principles are further broken down into subheadings to provide a complete roadmap aimed to drive Authorised Entities throughout the revision of their corporate governance framework. The Code encourages organizations to ensure that adequate controls are in place to achieve a balance between their interests and those of the other stakeholders alongside which they evolve. 


At the market level, enhancing organizations’ good governance strengthens competitiveness and is beneficial to all players across the board. The MFSA considers good governance as a key enabler for entities to generate business benefits, shareholder value and higher trust, enhancing their strategic competitive advantage. By adhering to and implementing these principles, authorized entities align with the highest standards in the market in terms of corporate governance and raise the standards within their own environment and beyond.

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