Corporate Governance Health Check

The Corporate Governance Health Check assesses the company's implementation of the Code's Principles of Good Corporate Governance.

BDO Malta’s Risk Advisory team comprises professional resources to conduct a thorough Corporate Governance Health Check that aims at enabling Authorised Entities to identify and remediate any deficiencies within their internal corporate governance framework. 


What is the Corporate Governance Health Check and how does it help organizations align with the Code? 

BDO Malta promotes prevention over reaction by conducting a corporate governance health check to enable organizations to comprehensively identify the gaps in terms of the requirements set out in the Code. The Corporate Governance Health Check consists of an evaluation of the extent to which the Principles of Good Corporate Governance emanating from the Code are adequately reflected in the company’s framework.


The Corporate Governance health check includes a thorough review of the organisation’s:  


Upon completion, organisations will be provided with a report which includes any findings and professional recommendations addressing any identified gaps. The ultimate scope of such health check is drive the organisation towards good governance. 


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