Initial Token Offerings

Raising capital through initial coin offerings (ITOs & ICOs) has given venture capital investing a run for its money, at least for early stage financing. For a vast number of start-up companies, ITO / ICOs represent a win-win situation whereby the founders receive the working capital required to take the project proposed forward. Whether by way of private contributions or through a public offering, ICOs allows for a convenient and secure way for participation of third parties through distributed ledger technology, as well as providing for an efficient exit strategy to investors.


BDO is in a position to advise and recommend the ideal structure based in Malta as well as to provide ancillary services thereto, in order for the Client to benefit from all the incentives that Malta as a blockchain jurisdiction has to offer. Thanks to our connections with other member firms forming part of BDO’s strong global network, we're able to stay on top of developments taking place in other jurisdictions to be able to determine how structures in Malta can complement already existing operations, or how Malta can offer alternative options for cost-effectiveness and stability.

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