Exchanges and other cryptocurrency trading platforms

Since the inception of blockchain and distributed ledger technology, the world has seen a vast number of platforms being launched leading to the creation of different tokens as a result of which. However, in order for the value of that particular asset to rise, it must be capable of being traded freely on a secure and trusted exchange.


Whilst the number of such exchanges is always on the rise, jurisdictions which specifically cater for such exchanges are still very limited. Malta has become one of the few jurisdictions which have officially invited cryptocurrency exchanges to base their operations in Malta. This is in addition to the proposed soft legislation which will govern their activity mainly for investor protection, Malta has placed at itself on a pedestal for all entrepreneurs in search for a jurisdiction to carry out such activity.


With several of the largest exchanges in the world already announcing their move to Malta and the possibility of also operating a bank account with local regulated financial institutions, it would be wise to look at Malta as a potential jurisdiction for your business. BDO Malta is in a position to advise on the best way forward by way of compliance with legal requirements and efficient purposes on a case-by-case basis. Our aim is to safeguard the interests of the founders behind the platform as well as the interests of the individuals and organisations placing their trust and assets on that particular platform.

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