Accounting for Gaming Companies

We specialise in providing comprehensive accounting solutions tailored specifically for the dynamic gaming industry.

Accounting for Gaming Companies

At BDO Malta, we specialise in providing comprehensive accounting solutions tailored specifically for the dynamic gaming industry. As a CEO, executive, or entrepreneur in the gaming sector, having a fundamental grasp of accounting specific to your company is essential for driving success. Our dedicated team at BDO Malta understands the unique challenges posed by the gaming industry dynamics and is here to guide you through complex accounting landscapes.

Accounting in the Gaming Industry
The gaming industry's unique dynamics present distinctive accounting challenges that demand specialised attention. As businesses grow, maintaining transparency, accuracy, and compliance in financial reporting becomes crucial. The intricate web of financial transactions in gambling, including player deposits, payouts, PSP reconciliations, requires meticulous recording. Adherence to regulatory standards, such as those imposed by the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA), is imperative for accurate portrayal of a gambling entity's financial position.

Accounting for Gaming Companies
Gaming company accounting goes beyond player transactions, encompassing operational costs like staff expenses, marketing, and software licensing fees. The sector's complexity is further heightened by complex financial instruments, partnerships, and revenue-sharing models, all requiring unique accounting treatments.

Our Services for Gaming Companies Include:
  • Assistance with the preparation and /or review of financial projections 
Our qualified and experienced staff can assist with the preparation or review of the revenue, balance sheet and cash flow projections required by the MGA at the application stage.
  • Specialised Gaming Accounting
This includes the meticulous recording of financial transactions, including player deposits, payouts, and withdrawals, revenue and PSP reconciliations, as well as adherence to regulatory standards set by authorities such as the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA).
  • Regulatory Compliance Assistance
Preparation and submission of yearly audited accounts, interim management accounts, tax returns, VAT returns, and MOSS returns in accordance with MGA requirements.
  • Comprehensive Financial Management
Handling operational costs, staff expenses, marketing costs, and software licensing fees. Expertise in managing intricate financial instruments, partnerships, and revenue-sharing models unique to the gaming industry.
  • Revenue Recognition Expertise
Ensuring correct revenue recognition and reporting for various revenue models.
  • IFRS 15 Adoption
Guidance on adopting international standards like IFRS 15 for consistent and compliant revenue recognition.
  • Auditing and Interim Accounts
Preparation, audit, and submission of yearly audited financial statements in compliance with International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRSs). Smooth management of interim accounts for the first 6 months of the financial year, ensuring compliance with MGA regulations.
  • Tax and VAT Services
Efficient handling and filing of tax and VAT returns. Expertise in moving across VAT implications vis-a-vis different gaming activities.
  • MOSS Scheme Management
Assistance with MOSS returns, ensuring compliance with VAT regulations for electronically supplied services.
Why Choose BDO Malta?
Our gaming accountants ensure a seamless audit process, providing timely and accurate annual audited financial statements and management accounts. We understand the intricacies of the gaming industry, offering transparent, accurate, and regulatory-compliant financial reporting. Partner with BDO Malta for a strategic ally in optimising your gaming company's financial operations.
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