Managing Risk, Identifying Value


In recent years, the explosion of data has created new, unprecedented business challenges, including increased risk and cost. Holistic information governance programs allow an organization to manage data and information in a top-down approach – from executives to the staff – while safeguarding its use and ensuring compliance.


At BDO, our Data Governance and Privacy practice focuses on managing risk and identifying hidden value in our clients’ data and information. We help organizations identify, manage, categorize, protect, and optimize their data from its inception to its final disposition, providing true marketplace advantages.


Regulations are driving more stringent governance requirements. At the center of these regulations is the ability for an organization to understand where its data resides, how it’s managed, who can access it, and how it can be defensibly destroyed. Using established methodologies and technologies, BDO’s multidisciplinary team finds ways to reduce an enterprise’s digital footprint while developing strategies to maximize value. 


Our services include:

  • Information lifecycle management
  • Data minimization strategies
  • Infrastructure design and cloud migrations
  • Governance & strategy
  • Data governance and analytics
  • Data mapping and data flow diagrams
  • GDPR & Information Privacy
  • Cybersecurity and information security
  • GRC management


Built with privacy in mind, BDO provides a full suite of services and leading technologies. We can reduce your overhead, manage your risks, and find value in your information.


Download BDO's Privacy Insights 2020 today. 


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