Risk Management Framework

The creation of comprehensive and supportive governance, risk and control frameworks should be a top priority for all organisations, but the presence of strong governance can no longer be viewed as a reactive process. Instead, when faced with increasing uncertainty, organisations must take a proactive stance to manage risk and realize those opportunities that align with their stakeholder needs. Ultimately, implementing effective governance, risk and control frameworks goes hand in hand with implementing effective internal whistleblower reporting channels, and will facilitate this process.


Organisations should therefore implement governance, risk and control frameworks ensuring that these include:

  • tailored internal whistleblowing reporting channels;
  • redefining the corporate culture and the tone from the top;
  • defined processes for handling concerns in a prompt, secure and confidential manner;
  • robust measures to safeguard the organisation’s employees against retaliation; and
  • consistent communication of the whistleblowing protection controls and reporting channels among employees to ensure awareness.


Our Whistleblower Protection services for You

We start by helping our clients understand their organisational environment and redefine their corporate culture. Organisations are subsequently assisted in establishing their risk management framework, which includes the organisation’s whistleblower protection compliance obligations, before creating and executing a remediation plan that meets all the organisation’s requirements. While every plan is specifically customised to meet each of our client’s unique context, our main services are aligned to support the Whistleblower Protection requirements.


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