Green Mobility Incentive Guidelines

Green Mobility Incentive Guidelines

The Green Mobility initiative aims to motivate more sustainable mobility in order to minimise greenhouse gas emissions and other pollutants, as well as to promote the use of electric vehicles used in business for the transportation of goods and people.

Transport emissions represent approximately 25% of the EU’s total greenhouse gas emissions. The Green Mobility Scheme is one of many measures introduced to accelerate the use of greener transport alternatives, contributing to EU’s aim of being the first climate-neutral continent by 2050.

What is covered by this Scheme?

The initiative is intended to work together with other existing policies to facilitate a green transition in the transportation of goods and people. Eligible costs covered by this Scheme are: 
  • Investment in recharging infrastructure for vehicles that are an integral part of the business’ operations.
  • Leasing of clean or zero-emission vehicles

The scheme offers financial grants and tax credits, depending on the assistance opted for.  

Charging Infrastructure

Support with respect to charging infrastructure can be of two types:
  1. Grant covering 100% of the interest paid incurred on the first three years of a loan used to finance the eligible costs; and/or
  2. Tax credit calculated as a % of the eligible costs*, ranging from 20% - 50%, depending on the size of the applicant company. 

*Eligible costs shall be the costs of the construction, installation, upgrade or extension of recharging or refuelling infrastructure.

Leasing of Commercial Vehicles 

The corporation may support through tax credits the leasing of commercial vehicles for a period of 12 – 36 months of:
  • Clean vehicles powered at least partially by electricity or hydrogen; or
  • Zero emission vehicles.

The scheme shall cover up to 36 months of the lease period commencing from the start of the lease.

The applicant support shall not exceed the following percentage of the eligible cost:
  Clean Vehicles Zero-emission
Large 20% 30%
Medium 40% 50%
Small 50% 60%


Who is eligible to apply for this Scheme?

Eligible companies must be registered with Malta Business Registry (MBR) and be employing at least five (5) full-time employees at the time of application. 


The measure will be available from 1st January 2024 till 30th December 2026. The corporation shall receive applications until 30th September 2026.

If your business is planning to invest in a charging infrastructure or clean or zero emission commercial vehicles, contact us to assist with assessing your eligibility to benefit from this Scheme. 

This article is a summary of the Guidelines available with respect to the Green Mobility Scheme intended for guidance purposes. Additional conditions and exclusions may be applicable. 

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