Revised System Audit Checklist and New System Review Checklist issued by the MGA

Revised System Audit Checklist and New System Review Checklist issued by the MGA

The MGA introduced a revision to the System Audit Checklist and is also releasing a new System Review Checklist


System Audit Checklist update

The updated Audit Checklist expands on the previous version while also considering the revised System Documentation Checklist and removing any inefficient or obsolete requirements. The Audit Checklist has been divided into four separate checklists to accommodate the various B2C, B2C with DLT, B2B, and B2B Software requirements. 


  • The revised standards will apply to all System Audits performed after December 31, 2022.  


System Review Checklist introduced

The System Review Checklist is a newly introduced requisite from the MGA. It will be used to ensure that the implemented systems utilized by the Licensee comply with the requirements of the Gaming Act and any other applicable subsidiary laws, as well as to ensure that they reflect the information provided to the Authority.


System Reviews, like System and Compliance Audits, shall be carried out by approved Audit Service Providers (ASP). The System Review must be performed in a live setting, with Licensee personnel present to show the system functionality and provide supporting evidence and information in accordance with the list of checks supplied.


The reviews are required one year following the issue of a new license, or sooner if a system audit was not necessary at the time of license issuance. In any other case where the Authority deems it necessary, a Licensee may also be required to complete a System Review.  


Both checklists have been designed to better guide ASPs and Licensees on the checks that apply to each license type.  


How can BDO Help? 

BDO is approved by the MGA as an Audit Service Provider. If you need any assistance with the System Audit checklist and the new System Review Checklist, please contact our Technology Advisory team.


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