ENISA publishes 2022 Cyber Threat Landscape Report

ENISA publishes 2022 Cyber Threat Landscape Report

The European Agency for Cybersecurity (ENISA) launched the 10th edition of the Cyber Threat Landscape report, an annual report on the status of the cybersecurity threat landscape. 


The report examines threats, actors, approaches, and mitigation strategies to illustrate the state of the cybersecurity threat landscape. 


Top 2022 Cyber Threats

Ransomware, malware, social engineering threats, threats against data and data availability, denial of service, disinformation, and misinformation, as well as supply-chain attacks are major threats from state actors, cybercriminals, hacker-for-hire actors, and hacktivists.


The Russia-Ukraine conflict, which has ushered in a new era of cyberwarfare and hacktivism with significant repercussions for state sponsorship of cyberattacks and against targeting essential civilian infrastructure, has further exacerbated this dangerous scenario.


We believe that cybersecurity will remain a serious problem for decades to come, as attackers become more sophisticated and networks more complex.


How to protect your company from cyber threats

To protect your organization, you need effective internal controls and awareness training for all employees.


This starts with defining and documenting potential threats and making that a part of your existing risk-management framework. Internal controls should be in place to keep employees in line with the four-eyes principle and separation of duties.


Businesses need to be confident about their ability to withstand a cyber attack. We frequently observe that companies are unaware of the possible causes of their own security failures. Many companies might also underestimate the long-term loss and damage that can occur, such as reputation damage.


How Can BDO  help?

BDO provides a wide range of cybersecurity services and solutions such as:

  • Cyber Risk Assessments
  • Cyber Risk Management
  • Incident Response Planning


Our specialised team of cyber security experts combine their expertise to help you implement cybersecurity principles and controls in an effective manner.


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