System & Compliance Audit for Gaming

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System & Compliance Audit for Gaming

Your Gaming Service Provider for MGA System and Compliance Audits

Operators licensed by the MGA are required to appoint an approved Audit Service Provider of their choice, on free commercial terms, when a review of their operations is requested by the Malta Gaming Authority.


The review can be one of the following types:

  • Systems Audit, which is carried out as part of the MGA licensee on-boarding process or when deemed necessary by the MGA; and
  • Gaming Compliance Audit of licensed operators, which is carried out throughout the licensed period as required by the MGA.


ā€‹1. System Audit

Once the company is in the final stages of the gaming licence application process, the applicant will be required to implement the operation onto a technical environment in preparation to go live. The applicant will be allowed 60 days to complete this technical roll-out, after which the application will be considered as cancelled and subject to re-application. At any stage within those 60 days, the applicant may appoint a service provider approved by the MGA to carry out a system audit. The systems audit will verify the live environment against the proposed gaming licence application.


At this stage the MGA expects minimal deviation from the gaming licence application. If there are significant changes to the gaming system, the applicant will have to re-apply by filing a new application. On successful completion of the certification process, the Authority will issue a ten-year Gaming licence.


ā€‹2. Gaming Compliance Audit

After going live, a Licensee must undergo several gaming compliance audits of its operations performed by an approved service provider appointed by the Licensee. Such audits need to be completed by an approved service provider within 90 days from the MGA’s notice.


The MGA will require the audit to adhere to the following schedule:

  • After the first year of operation after being licensed by the MGA;
  • Any other audit depending on the risk and financial stability of the Licensee.


Failure of a compliance audit could lead to suspension or termination of a licence.


Such audits can be beneficial to licensees by:

  • Reducing legal risks and avoiding future costs
  • Building trust with your customer base
  • Helping to identify deficiencies
  • Engaging with your employees


BDO is approved by the Malta Gaming Authority as a System and Compliance Audit Service Provider and can conduct both system and gaming compliance audits when they are requested by the Authority. 


Mock Audit

In preparation for the MGA system audit and gaming compliance audit, a company may choose to hold a mock audit which will be carried out to help in understanding the methodology of the audit process and to ensure that processes and controls are aligned to the MGA’s requirements.


During the assessment, our knowledgeable team will run through the audit checklist, and identify and understand any gaps between these requirements and what is in place. Your team will then be able to remediate the gaps based on our provided recommendations and help to ensure the efficient running of the MGA Audit and even expedite the review process of the results by the MGA, resulting in reduced time in awarding the licence.

BDO’s team, which is made up of skilled and experienced individuals in the Remote Gaming industry, will prove pivotal to the efficient and successful nature of the overall process during the Mock Audit.


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