Aircraft Registration in Malta

Aircraft Registration in Malta


The registration of aircraft in Malta is regulated by the Aircraft Registration Act (Chapter 503 of the laws of Malta), which was enacted in 2010.


Who can register an Aircraft?

As established by this Act, any aircraft whether used for commercial or private purposes, may be registered by the following persons:

  • The Government of Malta;
  • A Maltese or a citizen from EU, EEA State or Switzerland, having their place of residence or business in Malta, the EU, the EEA or Switzerland;
  • An undertaking formed and existing in accordance with the laws of Malta or of a Member State of the EU or of an EEA State, or Switzerland and having its registered office, central administration and principal place of business within Malta, the EEU or Switzerland.


However, a natural person who is a citizen of or an undertaking established in an approved jurisdiction other than the aforementioned, are only eligible to register a private aircraft, provided that:

  • It enjoys legal capacity to own or operate an aircraft, to the satisfaction of the Director General;
  • It complies with the requirements established under this Act or any other guidelines or regulations;
  • It satisfies the Director General that it can and will ensure due observance of the laws of Malta relating to civil aviation; and
  • It complies with the requirements applicable to an international registrant in terms of this Act.


Aircraft Registration Process

The registration process of an aircraft in Malta is quite straight-forward. This process is initiated through a request for a registration number, followed by a duly completed application which shall need to be accompanied by all documentation relating to the aircraft.


Once this process is completed, the aircraft may be registered and eventually a Certificate of Registration determining the classification of the aircraft is issued.


It is essential to note for the registration of a commercial aircraft, all operators require an Air Operator Certificate (AOC) and an Air Operator License (AOL) which are both granted by the Maltese Civil Aviation Directorate (CAD) in terms of the Maltese legislation and EU Regulation 1008/2008. The purpose of this certificate is to confirm that an operator has the professional ability and organization to ensure the safety of operation specified in the certificate. Once an AOC is obtained, the operator is then required to obtain an Air Operator License (AOL).