Audit Quality

Our dedication to audit quality is a fundamental part of our culture.

We acknowledge and commit to our role in serving the public interest. 

BDO Malta 2022 Audit Quality Highlights

BDO Malta Audit Quality Report 2021-2022_1BDO Malta Audit Quality Report 2021-2022_2
BDO Malta Audit Quality Report 2021-2022_3BDO Malta Audit Quality Report 2021-2022_4


Delivering high-quality audits is our top priority

The leaders of BDO Malta demonstrate a commitment to performing high quality work through their actions. We have made significant investments in resourcing our audit practice over the last year. The audit quality initiatives also include recent enhancements to our methodologies and technology, in compliance with professional standards.

Our ongoing investment in our management system, processes, and technology, enables us to continuously improve and strengthen our audit quality.

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