• AML-CFT Compliance Reviews

AML-CFT Compliance Reviews


Independent compliance reviews have become to be depicted as an essential component of business development and planning. A thorough compliance review enables an organisation to understand, from a practical point of view, the effectiveness of its internal controls and procedures, both internally and externally, and whether additional controls are required to properly mitigate any newly identified risks, in order to reduce the overall business risk.


Through a compliance review, testing is carried out on internal systems, controls and procedures in order to assess the current processes deployed by an organization, and assess whether the people within that organization are both knowledgeable and enforcing the established regulatory requirements, or whether problems have been identified within a particular process, simultaneously ensuring that the established policies and procedures are designed to comply with internal and external policies.


Our Compliance Review is therefore tailored to the sector-specific requirements of our customers, predominantly focused at enabling the organisation to assess its compliance function and regulatory universe, identify gaps and as a follow up, provide an implementation plan to address those gaps. We believe an independent evaluation is essential to ensure that the business is following external laws, rules, and regulations, and internal guidelines, such as internal controls, and policies and procedures.


The end result emanating from our compliance reviews is intended to provide recommendations on ways to make improvements or corrective actions and to prevent future deficiencies or nonconformities. Practical guidance is also provided in relation to maintaining compliance with frequently changing industry regulations. Any identified risk areas for noncompliance within the organisation are reported to the Board of Directors for proper address of deficiencies.