Dr Rebecca Bonnici, Risk & Compliance Executive

Dr Rebecca Bonnici

Risk & Compliance Executive

BDO Malta


Dr. Rebecca Bonnici holds the position of Risk & Compliance Executive within BDO Malta and currently assists the Risk and Compliance department with various legal and compliance related matters. She is a lawyer by profession and holds a warrant to practice law in Malta.

Rebecca’s experience to date has given her a practical legal understanding of the AML/CFT Compliance field. She has also been involved in providing a variety of services relating to regulatory compliance, particularly in terms of corporate service providers and trustee services, having also had regular exposure to the areas of residency and citizenship law.

Rebecca’s knowledge in AML and regulatory compliance has allowed her to develop the necessary skillset to advise various clients on ML/FT risk related matters. She aspires to provide a holistic range of AML and risk advisory services which may cover the regulatory requirements of applicants or licensees.

Rebecca earned a bachelor’s degree with honours in law and a Master of Advocacy degree from the University of Malta. Over the past year in particular, she has been entrusted with considerable professional responsibilities comprising of regulatory reporting, acting as a key contact with the relevant supervisory authorities and assisting in the day-to-day regulatory compliance.