MGA Releases Annual Report 2022: Highlights of Achievements and Future Outlook

MGA Releases Annual Report 2022: Highlights of Achievements and Future Outlook

The report provides an overview of the performance of the Maltese gaming industry, outlining key statistics for both land-based and online gaming sectors. It also highlights the MGA's accomplishments, regulatory activities, improvements in efficiency and effectiveness, and national and international cooperation. 


Supervisory Activities 

In 2022, the MGA conducted 28 compliance audits, 228 desktop reviews, and additional Anti-Money Laundering/Combating the Financing of Terrorism (AML/CFT) compliance examinations. As a result, the Authority issued warnings, cancelled licenses, and imposed administrative penalties, totaling €179,150. Remediation measures were taken against 25 licensees, amounting to over €738,000. Additionally, six individuals and companies were found to be below probity standards. 


Improvements in Efficiency and Effectiveness 

The MGA commissioned a sectorial skills strategy to address the demand for skilled human capital. Consultations were conducted with industry stakeholders on proposed amendments to enhance player protection and sports integrity. The approval process for appointing a Money Laundering Reporting Officer (MLRO) was streamlined. Agreed-Upon Procedures (AUPs) Reports were introduced to cover player funds and Gaming Revenue. The MGA also initiated a process for a voluntary Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) Code of Good Practice. 


National and International Cooperation 

Throughout 2022, the MGA issued news updates and external communications. Alerts were sent to the industry, with relevant ones forwarded to Sports Governing Bodies. Cooperation requests, suspicious betting reports, and data exchanges took place with enforcement agencies, sports governing bodies, and other regulatory bodies. The MGA participated in investigations globally and responded to international cooperation requests. The MGA collaborated with local authorities and provided information to support the enforcement of regulations. 


MGA CEO's Statement

Dr. Carl Brincat, CEO of the MGA, emphasised the report as a testament to their efforts in promoting a fair and sustainable gaming ecosystem. The MGA aims to ensure a level playing field, encourage innovation, and mitigate potential risks. They strive to stay ahead of emerging trends, technologies, and challenges while inspiring confidence, protecting vulnerable individuals, and positioning Malta as a favorable destination for responsible gaming operators. 


In conclusion, the MGA's Annual Report 2022 presents a comprehensive overview of the Maltese gaming industry's performance, the Authority's regulatory activities, efforts to enhance efficiency and effectiveness, and collaborations at national and international levels. By upholding robust frameworks and fostering innovation, the MGA remains dedicated to maintaining a safe and thriving gaming environment. 


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