Scope Ratings Confirm A+ Rating for Malta

27 April 2021

BDO Malta Scope Ratings Confirm A+ Rating for Malta

Scope Ratings, a German-based ratings agency, has once again completed their ratings for Malta and confirmed Malta’s A+ credit rating.  


Malta’s growth potential is considered a significant strength and takes into consideration factors such as the increase in value of services offered in the Maltese labour market, low unemployment rates amongst others.  


The medium-term fiscal outlook in Malta received praise due to prudent fiscal management and fiscal consolidation, with regards to national debt which the ratings agency has predicted will decline and reach 0 by the year 2026. Furthermore, albeit a downturn in Malta’s GDP due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the robust external position of Malta nonetheless remains one of strengths and is set to increase upon resumption of international travel and other currently restricted actions.  


The acknowledgment of the improvements underway to tackle Malta’s weaknesses, in tandem with the growth potential and relative maintenance of status quo during the pandemic have earned Malta its A+ rating and is a reflection of the durability of Malta and its economy. 


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