• Joint Concentrated Inspection Campaign (Merchant Shipping Notice 173)

Joint Concentrated Inspection Campaign (Merchant Shipping Notice 173)

25 October 2021

The Merchant Shipping Notice 173 issued by Transport Malta on the 13th of September 2021, draws attention to the recently launched Joint Port State Control (PSC), Concentrated Inspection Campaign (CIC) by the Paris Memoranda of Understanding (MoU) and Tokyo MoU on Stability.

This campaign will be held until 30th November 2021, and during these three (3) months, one (1) PSC inspection will be carried out on every ship. The master of the ship and the officers must be knowledgeable on the operations relating to stability and on the joint CIC questionnaire in preparation of any PSC inspection.

The overall aim of this campaign is to make sure that the crew onboard commercial vessels are well aware of the importance of stability analysis; to carry out an actual stability assessment to confirm the vessel’s condition before departure and most importantly, confirm that the stability requirements are in accordance with the relevant IMO instruments.

If it so occurs during the PSC inspection that the commercial vessel is not in conformity with the stability requirements, the Port State Control Officers (PSCOs) may either record the deficiency and allow the deficiency to be rectified by the master within a certain timeframe. Otherwise these officers may decide to detain the ship until the critical issue has been resolved.

It is to be noted that if a vessel within a company’s fleet is detained in a PSC recognized region, a copy of the PSC report shall be forwarded to the relevant Administration. In this respect the Flag Administration must also be duly notified of such detention.

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