Launch of the fourth edition of the Commercial Yacht Code

25 November 2020

The Minister for Transport, Infrastructure and Capital Projects yesterday has announced the fourth edition of the Commercial Yacht Code which has been launched by the Merchant Shipping Directorate following consultation with various stakeholders. This Code will replace the Commercial Yacht Code of 2015 and shall become effective as of the 1st of January 2021. These revisions have introduced various concepts which aim to accommodate this ever-growing industry, these including the concept of Green Yachts which shall encourage the ‘design, construction and operation of more environmentally friendly yachts’.

Over the past years, Malta has continued to lead both in Europe and internationally, and with a surplus of more than 50% in yacht registrations over the past five years, Malta has now one of the largest superyacht registers in the world.

Additionally, the Minister announced that a consultation process for a new ‘Passenger Yacht Code’ is underway. This Code shall eventually allow Malta to open its doors to a new superyachts market.

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