Introduction to cryptocurrencies and their tax implications (M1834)

29 May 2018

Josef Mercieca and Dr Chris Agius who are currently spearheading our Fintech Advisory arm will be organising a CPE qualified seminar in collaboration with the Malta Institute of Accountants on cryptocurrencies and their tax implications on the 19th June between 13:30 - 16:45.



The recently proposed legislative framework for virtual currencies, initial coin offerings as well as other blockchain-related services are evidence of how this new industry is taking the world by storm.

This seminar will start off with an in-depth look at how blockchain technology may be utilised to facilitate operations or to carry out innovative projects which previously were beyond the scope of existing technology.

In addition, the speaker will focus on how tokens and/or coins fit into the whole picture, in an attempt to provide a clear picture of their respective purpose and how such may or may not be utilised.



The seminar will examine how traders and virtual currency holders need to become aware of the tax implications to safeguard their interest, which may arise from the disposal of such crypto-assets.

The speakers will provide a detailed analysis of income tax implications arising from the trading activity of virtual currencies, whilst paying particular attention on the current applicable treatment of capital gains arising on a disposal thereof. The speakers will also examine the deemed source of such profits and/or gains and the repercussions which may arise thereof, particularly to persons who have limited connection with Malta.

In the latter part of the seminar, the indirect tax position of virtual currencies and crypto-assets will be scrutinised from a general point of view, with attention being afforded also to initial coin offerings.


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