BDO Malta attends Business Breakfast - Breaking the Blockchain Frontier: Embracing the technology in everyday life

20 March 2018

Josef Mercieca and Dr Chris Agius recently attended a Business Breakast which was organised by FinanceMalta in collaboration with The Malta Independent.

The Business Breakfast which took on the theme 'Breaking the Blockchain Frontier: Embracing the technology in everyday life' discussed the barriers presented by blockchain technology, in particular the challenges it presents to truly understand its concept and implications. The panel discussed various ways how distributed ledger technology can be used for everyday business and transactions.

The panel also went into further detail on how blockchain technology could be used in the education sphere as well as how it could affect the registration of public deeds, including its potential effect on the notarial profession, through the use of smart contracts.

Cryptocurrenices will certainly revolutionise the way transactions are carried out, which could result in a shift in the way modern society would operate. Malta has embarked on a step plan to make the country an innovation hub, instilling an environment to nurture innovation whilst regulating behaviour technologies in certain domains.

BDO Malta will continue to keep up to date with all the latest developments affecting this new-emerging technology, both on a domestic and international scale.