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Tips for working from home in an effective & efficient manner

10 March 2020


For some, working from home is a very normal way of working, for others, it may be a totally new experience. 


There isn’t much difference between a day at the office and a day working from home however, there are some fundamental differences to consider.

BDO Global Head of People, Robert Aziz has given 10 tips for working from home during this current situation with the COVID-19 pandemic.


1) ‘Go’ to work

Stick to the usual routine. This means getting up, getting dressed in a comfortable, yet presentable outfit and start the day with the right mindset.


2) Create an ‘at-home’ desk

Do not work on a couch or easy chair but work from one consistent space. In this way a feeling of engagement will be experienced.


3) Be careful with flexibility

It is important to structure the day in the way that it is usually structured at the office. Do not give in to the temptation of starting at a different time, taking breaks and when to call it a day. This would get more things done.

Important elements to consider:

  • When does your direct manager want you to be available?
  • When is the best time for communication with clients & colleagues?
  • When are you most productive?


4) Do not disturb

Focus on one thing at a time and set boundaries for family members (including kids) and friends. Encourage being left alone and communicate expectations to them.


5) Compartmentalise your day

Be mindful to take conscious efforts to separate work time from family time. Plan work hours the way that clients would normally expect.


6) Keep it clean

Keep the office area clean as this will help to remain focused. Adding to this, it would look very unprofessional during virtual meetings.


7) Plan out your work

Make a list of priorities for the day, what deliverables you have, and how much time is needed to reserve to finalise these. Also list what other tasks can be done when there is time to spare and equally plan your breaks and lunch time.


8) Maintain communication with your team

Stay in touch with your team to have a laugh as well as to talk about work.


9) Break up the day

Do not keep working, as busy work will kill your productivity. Leave your workspace, get some fresh air, eat healthy. Do not loose track of time and plan breaks.


10) Do not loose track of time

When working from home, it is really easy to let your work time blend into your private time. Maintaining a healthy boundary is important. And have a good night’s sleep.


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