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Checklist for Businesses Being Cyber Safe

03 April 2020


The global pandemic has hit large companies and SMEs alike, creating immense uncertainty within organisations. With the solitary remedy to curb the spread of the virus being self-quarantine, organisations have enabled remote working operations for their workforces, to ensure business continuity to their stakeholders.

This has resulted in access to organisational resources from remote connections and unsecured devices, creating an environment in which hackers, scammers, and spammers thrive.


While bracing the impact of the relentless spread of COVID-19, has your IT infrastructure been made immune to fight the growing cyber risk?

To assist you to navigate through this critical time, we have developed a risk-response checklist that you can use to not only assess your business continuity plan and readiness to deal with the impact but also your resilience to cyber risks that are plaguing business.


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