Material Gaming Supply

Material Gaming Supply


The material gaming supply certificate is required by any person or company offering material gaming supply services to an authorised person. This certificate is required for any persons:

  • Manufacturing, assembling, placing on the market, distributing, supplying, selling, leasing or transferring a gaming device;
  • Providing risk management services for the operation of a licensable game;
  • Providing event, content and, or odds;
  • Providing fraud management services for the operation of a licensable game;
  • Holding and, or managing player funds;
  • Providing services relating to customer due diligence;
  • Providing services related to player identity verification;
  • Providing co-location services and other managed information technology services, including cloud computing services and, or decentralized hosting protocols where the latter do not amount to a critical gaming supply; and
  • Providing back-up and disaster recovery services


It is important to note that all authorised persons must make sure that all their material suppliers have been approved by the Malta Gaming Authority and have been awarded this certificate. Failure to do so will result in the authorised person assuming full regulatory responsibility. Any failure in the provision of material supply may have a significant impact on the operator’s business, obligations and risk.


How can BDO help?

The Material Gaming Supply Certificate needs to be regenerated every year, or when there are any changes to the person or company. BDO with its experts can assist you in obtaining this certificate from the Malta Gaming Authority (read more about the key functions of a remote gaming licensee)


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