• COVID-19: Regulatory News & Legal Notices


COVID-19: Regulatory News & Legal Notices in Malta


23rd December 2021 - Throughout the holiday season, many countries in the EU and around the world have reported an increase in COVID-19 transmissions. In an effort to curb local transmission of the virus, on the 23rd of December 2021, Health Minister Chris Fearne announced the introduction of a number of new measures - Read more


L.N. 57 of 2021 - Introduces a deeming rule for pensionable income assessment for persons born from 1st January 1956 to 31st December 1961, which without the mentioned provision would suffer a reduction in their pension entitlement due to Covid-19. Read More


L.N. 178 of 2020 – Closure of Vehicles Roadworthiness Testing Stations (Revocation) - Read More


L.N. 177 of 2020 – Closure of the Courts of Justice (Amendment No. 2) - Read More


L.N. 176 of 2020 – Epidemics and Infectious Disease (Suspension of Legal and Judicial times) (Amendment No. 2) - Read More


L.N. 175 of 2020 – Mandatory Non-essential Travel between Malta and Gozo (Revocation) - Read More


L.N. 174 of 2020 – Enforcement of the order relating to the Number of Persons in Public Spaces Regulations (Amendment) - Read More


L.N. 173 of 2020 – Number of Persons in Public Spaces (Increase in Number of Persons) Order, 2020 - Read More


L.N.172 of 2020 – Closure of Non-Essential Retail Outlets and Outlets Providing Non-essential Services (Amendment) - Read More


L.N. 171 of 2020 – Closure of Places Open to the Public (Amendment No. 2) - Read More


L.N. 170 of 2020 – Enforcement of the order relating to Closure of Non-Essential Retail Outlets and Outlets Providing Non-Essential Services (Amendment) - Read More

30th April - The Commissioner for Revenue has published a notice extending the COVID-19 tax deferral scheme. The deferral scheme will now apply to VAT, employee taxes, maternity fund payments, social security contributions (including of self-employed personsand) and provisional tax which fall due in March and up to end of June 2020.  The Commissioner for Revenue will announce the due date for the deferred taxes through a future notice. The application deadline for this scheme has been extended to the 15th May 2020.


30th April - Malta’s flight ban has been extended until the end of May as the country continues with its efforts to stop the spread of COVID-19. Read More


30th April - Malta Government extends COVID-19 wage supplement by two months, until the end of June. Read More


9th April - Government of Malta announces voluntary repatriation assistance scheme for all foreign nationals. Read More


9th April - Mater Dei temporarily suspends visiting hours as part of the COVID-19 prevention measures. Read More


7th April - In view of the ever-increasing spread of the COVID-19 and in view of the increasing lockdowns of airports abroad, Maltese nationals currently abroad are urged to make their way to Malta by no later than Sunday 12th April 2020. Read More


1st April - Tighter travel restrictions between Malta & Gozo will come into force on Friday 3rd April, where only those having a "valid reason" will be allowed to board the ferry to/from Gozo. Read More


31st March - Groups of four or more people in public areas will be fined €100 each. Wi-Fi services in public places, such as community gardens, will be switched off. Read More


28th March - Self-isolation for persons over 65 years of age and ‘vulnerable people’’. Read More


18th March - Publication of Legal Notice 76 of 2020, Closure of Places Open to the Public Order. Read More


17th March - Publication of Legal Notice 78 of 2020 – Period of Quarantine (Contact with other persons) Order, 2020 Government Gazette. Read More


17th March - Publication of Legal Notice 77 of 2020 – Closure of Schools (Extension of Period of Closure) Order, 2020 Government Gazette. Read More



Financial Services News & Updates


14th April - MFSA Notification about Interim Measures for the Processing of Physical Documentation. Read More


13th April - Legal Notice 142 of 2020 - Moratorium on Credit Facilities in Exceptional Circumstances Regulations. Read More


6th April -  European Commission and EU Investment Fund unlock €8 billion in finance for 100,000 small and medium-sized businesses. Read More


4th April - The Malta Development Bank (MDB) has launched a COVID-19 Guarantee Scheme (CGS). The scheme provides guarantees to commercial banks in order to enhance access to bank financing for the working capital requirements of businesses in Malta facing a sudden acute liquidity shortage as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak. Read More


25th March - Following the advice of national health authorities for persons to remain indoors as much as possible, the Central Bank of Malta has today issued a Directive on important measures concerning cheques which will primarily enable persons to avoid visiting bank branches and other financial service providers, by depositing them through trusted third parties. Read More


25th March - Following the Coronavirus outbreak, MBR has activated its business-continuity contingency plans to ensure continuous operations throughout this situation. Read More


10th March - MFSA expects licensed firms to have in place COVID-19 Contingency and Business Continuity Plans. Read More


24th March - MFSA timing of regulatory reporting due to the outbreak of COVID-19. Download


24th March - MFSA notification about Interim Measures for the Processing of Physical Documentation. Download


21st March - The MFSA extends regulatory reporting deadlines for firms due to outbreak of COVID-19. Read More


24th March - MFSA COVID-19 Business Continuity planning continues - electronic submission of documentation. Read More


26th March - MFSA circular regarding COVID-19 and Cybersecurity. Download


16th March - FIAU notice to Subject Persons regarding the measures taken by the FIAU in response to the COVIDÔÇÉ19 outbreak.



iGaming News & Updates


3rd May - Notice issued by the MGA on  lifting of some restrictive measures related to COVID-19. Read More


2nd May - Guidelines issued by Maltco Lotteries. Read More


6th April - MGA Notice on COVID-19 & Sports Integrity. In order to safeguard the integrity of sporting events, and warn betting operators of the risks involved, the Malta Gaming Authority has made several recommendations. Read More


25th March - The MGA extends deadline for the submission of audited financial statements. Read More


26th March - The MGA issues notice on socially responsible commercial communications with respect to COVID-19. Read More



News & Updates for Employers in Malta


14th April - Company Recovery Procedure to survive the COVID-19 crisis. Read More


3rd April - The Maltese Government published Legal Notice 135, Suspension of Legal Times (Revenue Acts) Order, 2020. The regulations provide for the suspension of all legal times, including prescription periods and peremptory periods imposed under the Income Tax Act, the Duty on Documents and Transfers Act, the Income Tax Management Act and the Value Added Tax Act. Read More


1st April - Employers' rights in Malta on dealing with the various issues resulting from the outbreak of COVID-19. Read More



FAQs released by the Department of Industrial & Employment Relations

The Department of Industrial and Employment Relations (‘DIER’) has released a number of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) and answers thereto so as to provide more clarity on how employers should deal with unprecedented COVID-19 situations. 


One of the most noteworthy answers emerging from these FAQs is in relation to the employer’s rights and whether it is possible to change an employees’ current work conditions. According to these FAQs, where the business has suffered adversely from the COVID-19 outbreak, an employer can change an employee’s working conditions by first reaching an agreement with the employee (or employees’ representatives) and subsequently, by submitting a request to the Director General of Industrial & Employment Relations.


Other issues which have been tackled by these FAQs include:

  • Redundancy
  • Reduction of wages
  • Closure of work-place
  • Statutory Weekly Allowance
  • The use of Forced leave
  • Quarantine leave
  • Maternity Leave


For access to the FAQs, please click here.


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