Covid-19: BDO's approach

The current circumstances surrounding the rapid constant changes on the COVID-19 situation have now escalated to the number one spot on the priority list for governments, organisations and individuals alike. BDO Malta has in place a number of measures which allow us to continue providing the same level of service you expect from us, even during this COVID-19 outbreak, whilst assuring that our clients and employees remain safe.

  • We have taken steps to ensure that we can continue to deliver the high level of quality, excellence and efficiency you have become accustomed to; even during these unique circumstances.
  • BDO has long been committed to offering a flexible workplace. We have the technology and operational infrastructure for the organisation to work remotely. As a result, our premises are temporarily closed until further notice as a precautionary measure for the safety and well-being of our employees and clients. We are equipped with the necessary tools to produce the same results from both the office and the home environment securely, whilst keeping the same communication platforms with other employees and clients respectively. This system also allows us to receive and process your calls in the usual manner and to continue sharing information in secure environments.
  • We have switched all our physical meetings to a virtual environment, suspended all business travel, participation in overseas conference and events and implemented strict measures for incoming documents we receive. 

We will continue to monitor the situation as it develops and will take the appropriate action and precautions as necessary. 

Your understanding and flexibility during this challenging time is greatly appreciated.  Nevertheless, your key contacts remain at your entire disposal should you require our assistance or advice.

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