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Accelerate your career with our ACCA Student Programmes!

Designed to empower aspiring professionals like you, our programmes combine industry expertise with guidance from our professionals to help you achieve your goals.
ACCA Gold Employer

BDO Malta is a Gold ACCA Approved Employer

This prestigious certification recognises the learning opportunities our firm provides for employees working towards the ACCA Qualification. Studying with a Gold ACCA Approved Employer comes with a number of benefits such as the Performance Objective exemption, a simplified process for members to meet the annual CPD requirement and the Practising Certificate Experience Forms exemption.
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BDO ACCA Programme Outline 👇

BDO ACCA Journey

Charting your adventure 🚀

Choose your path! At BDO we embrace the power of choice on your educational journey with our full-time or part-time Employment Student Programmes. Choose between a full-time job with support on your ACCA journey, or a part work-part study option.

BDO Careers

Looking for a rewarding experience? 🌱 

Choosing the part work-part study option will place you on a 3-year journey ending with a guaranteed full-time job! Whether you opt for this programme or full-time employment, you can expect individual attention, access to senior leadership & a great work environment equipped to propel you forwards in your career!

ACCA Financial Support

Helping to ease any financial stress 💰

Whether you opt for the part work-part study option or the full-time employment option, BDO is here to support you financially!

BDO Global Network

Looking for stability? ✔

BDO Malta forms part of a global network, allowing the seamless sharing of expertise across different regions, enabling continuous learning & improvement.

Work With a Friend

Work with your friend! 🕺

Double the fun, double the perks with our "In it together" scheme which allows you to refer a friend & get compensated, twice! No, it's not too good to be true!

BDO ACCA Eligibility

Let's check if you've got what it takes! 📜

2 A Levels & 3 O Levels or equivalent in 5 subjects which must include English & Mathematics; or a relevant MQF level 4 certificate &/or MQF level 5 diploma in Accounting, or a related field; or a relevant degree at MQF level 6/MBA rated at MQF level 7.

Choose your path!

Part-time work/Part-time study

Full-time work/Part-time study

Why study with BDO Malta?

We provide a tailored learning experience where you receive personalised attention from experienced professionals. Our mentorship programs ensure that you get the guidance you need to succeed in your ACCA journey.

Get ready to work with a diverse portfolio of clients across various industries. From startups to established businesses, you'll gain valuable insights into different sectors, allowing you to develop a well-rounded skill set.

In larger firms you might be relegated to more administrative tasks early on, whereas we believe in hands-on learning from day one. You'll have the opportunity to dive deep into auditing processes, conduct fieldwork, and interact directly with clients, accelerating your growth and understanding of the profession.

We understand the importance of maintaining a healthy work-life balance. While we value hard work and dedication, we also prioritise your well-being. Our firm promotes a supportive culture that encourages you to thrive both professionally and personally.

Join a community, not just a firm: at BDO we try to cultivate a close-knit community. Here, your voice matters, and your contributions are celebrated as integral parts of our collective success.

Your growth knows no bounds here. We offer ample and swift opportunities for career advancement propelling you toward your career aspirations at your own pace. 

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