• Why BDO?

    What differentiates BDO as an employer is our focus on relationships because we believe that our business is about people.

Putting people first, every day.


At BDO, we understand that being the leader in exceptional client service begins – and ends – with exceptional regard for our people.


BDO is a world-class professional services and business advisory firm. What sets us apart from the rest is our culture of professional opportunity, personal fulfilment, empowerment, and long-term growth.


Relationships matter in our work and interactions with clients, and in the way we work and interact with each other. What differentiates BDO as an employer is our focus on relationships because we believe that our business is about people.


People working with, for, and in service of others. Why? Because relationships matter.


What makes us unique?


Our WHY – People helping people achieve their dreams

This is the very essence of BDO, because people’s dreams matter to us.


Our motivation is to help people get to where they want to be – whether that’s our colleagues, our clients or in the communities we are part of.


BDO has a clearly stated purpose - our WHY - which makes BDO unique. It puts into words why BDO exists and is our global organisation’s fundamental reason for being, what defines us.


As BDO continues to grow in reach, headcount and revenue, our WHY shapes how we work with our clients, support our colleagues and help our communities succeed. It helps us make better decisions for ourselves and for all our stake­holders, individually and as a global organisation.



We help our people: At BDO, we support all our people in the pursuit of their dreams.  We provide a flexible working environment, and ensure that all our colleagues are offered the same opportunities to develop their talents, maximise their potential, ignite their passion and achieve their goals.  We also actively look for ways to assist our fellow firms, and each other.



We help our clients: We build relationships with our clients, so we can truly understand and support their needs and we put our 775,000+ clients and their challenges at the centre of what we do. Our global reach means that we can service our clients wherever in the world they are based and that we can assemble the best group of subject matter experts from across our firms to work together and find the right solution for each client. ​​​​​​



​​​​We help our communities: We are part of the communities we live in and give back when we can.  We actively support and help our local communities, initiatives and charitable enterprises.


Diversity & equality

Embracing diversity and equality is an integral part of the BDO culture, reflected in our common WHY. We are committed to supporting and building a world that is proud of its many differences, resulting in a rich and vibrant workforce and society.


Our people identify career development, empowerment, a collaborative and personal culture, flexibility, and being part of a growing global firm as the core attributes that define us as an employer. These are the reasons people want to work for and choose to stay with BDO. By developing these core attributes, our people enjoy a working experience that is appealing, compelling and clearly sets us apart.