Our Purpose and Values

Many organisations refer to their core purpose as being a ‘fundamental reason for being’. At BDO, we call what we stand for our WHY. Our WHY puts into words why BDO exists: it defines us - and it is why we are unique. In a business powered by people & relationships, our WHY helps our clients in choosing to work with us and encourages our people to stay with us. It also means that we actively support and help our local communities.

People helping people achieve their dreams – that’s our WHY.

Our Company Values

We are guided by our values in everything we do, they act as a gauge to measure our behaviours. We have four core Values, which complement each other and all contribute to our success and to that of our clients and partners.

  • Honesty & Integrity

Be transparent, genuine and fair. Operate with the highest degree of personal and professional integrity. We need our clients to trust us. This can only happen if we act with honesty and integrity.

  • Mutual support & respect

Value and support each other. Maintain an inclusive working environment where teamwork and relationships matter. This allows us to work better together and to deliver better services to our clients and partners as a result.

  • Professional & personal client relationships

Understand the person as well as the business. Build relationships based on respect, trust and exceptional service. This reflects our commitment to understanding our clients and their businesses and markets.

  • Empowerment & personal responsibility 

Work with confidence, flexibility and freedom. Understand that trust and responsibility go hand-in-hand. There can be no one-size fits all approach and we empower our people to have the flexibility and freedom to deliver what our clients need.